Vocal trio The Hazelnuts release their first EP

Luz EP
The Hazelnuts are a new vocal trio, singing swing jazz with wonderful vocal harmonies in the style of The Andrews sisters, the bosewell sister and the likes. Their emphasis on carefully crafted vocal arrangements is unique and quite rare to find these days.  Their first EP was recorded live at my studio (The Slick) in Tel Aviv. I had the pleasure of recording them on one evening in January 2014 and then mixed and mastered the songs at the studio.

The band, which consists of the three singers, a double bass and electric guitar, recorded in the live room performing the songs with no overdubs (Also quite rare these days). It includes two original songs written by Shira Z. Carmel, two swing cover songs and one special bonus cover of Beyonce’s “Single ladies”.

You can listen to the full EP and buy it here as well:

Check out this video from a live concert


Space Guitars free sample pack by Yuvi Gerstein featured in music blogs around the world

The new free sample pack “Space Guitars” by Yuvi Gerstein was released a couple of weeks ago and has been featured on quite a few different music blogs around the world. Here is a round up of some of them. You can still download this super sweet free sample pack just click here to get it. 

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on Nois3 music blog

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on Nois3 music blog


Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on VST planet blog

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on VST planet blog

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on Rekkerd.org

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on Rekkerd.org


Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on lfo magazine (Hebrew)

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on lfo magazine (Hebrew)

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on nice-disportYuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on nice-disport

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on myVST blog

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on myVST blog

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on bedroom-producer

Yuvi Gerstein Space Guitars sample pack featured on bedroom-producer


Original music by Yuvi Gerstein for an animated ad by Soul-Royale

Soul-Royale is one of the coolest animation, film and post companies out there. I had the pleasure of composing and producing music for their latest project. A short viral video for a new building project in Tel Aviv.

The story is about a young couple, animated paste-up posters (brilliantly made) that fall in love between Florentin and Neve Tsedek in southern Tel Aviv. The music is heavily influenced by French chansons. Here is the video -


Collaboration with OPEN for Boulevard-Terra Group
Branding & Script| OPEN
Video Production & Animation | Soul Royale
Original Music & Sound Design | Yuvi Gerstein

Space Guitars sample pack by Yuvi Gerstein Vol.1

Space Echo RE-150

Space Echo RE-150

Space Guitars is a new sample pack written recorded and mixed by music producer Yuvi Gerstein at the slick studio. The pack contains original samples recorded using a classic vintage Roland space echo RE-150 and some really good guitars and mics.

Guitars used – Fender Telecaster USA, Gibson ES-175. Microphones used: AKG 414 pair Coles 4038 SM57 Amp - Fender Deluxe Space Echo recording Space Echo2 All samples are 88.2Khz 24bit .Wav It was a lot of fun to make this pack and it works great and especially easy in Ableton Live, just set the tempo and check out the samples. DOWNLOAD THE SPACE GUITARS SAMPLE PACK CLICK HERE   There is another free pack of guitar samples available – check out the Quirky Jazz free sample pack here. 

Two new instrumental tracks by Yuvi Gerstein

Two new tracks have been made by Yuvi Gerstein and released to Soundcloud in the past two weeks. The two tracks are instrumentals and were recorded and mixed by Gerstein at his studio.The first track is called African Resort and is inspired by african music, especially Ethiopian scales and style. 

The second track is called Sclater street, is a bit more cinematic, based on some lush piano chords. Sclater street -

Follow Yuvi Gerstein’s soundcloud account for more music updated frequently.

Yuvi Gerstein and Leslie Phillips new song released today – Spiders

Listen to the new song written and performed by soul singer Leslie Phillips and Guitarist Yuvi Gerstein. The song is the duo’s second release, the first was a song in French entitled “Dans tes bras“. This song is called Spiders and is all about those creepy creatures..beware :).

Recorded and filmed in London at Offtape studios.

Cristina Picchi – Director/camera
Eti Schechtman – Camera
Romain Kodechim – DOP/Coulurist/Photography
Ran Steiner – Recording engineer.
Mix – Yuvi Gerstein

Live Coolooloosh show in a large scale music festival in northern Israel

Just came back from a really cool live show of new material with Coolooloosh. The ‘Yaarot menashe’ (Menashe forests) festival is one of the two main indie music festivals takingplace in Israel every year (the second one is Indie Negev).

This year my band Coolooloosh was part of a very groovy night of shows including the ever famous Hadag Nahash, Ramirez brothers and Yossi Fine and the remix. It has been a while since we played live in Israel and this time we prepared a brand new set of songs which are much more hard hitting rock-hip hop in your face kind of vibe.

Photos below were all posted on this cool facebook page – Hadei Ozen

coolooloosh yaaorot menashe2013

Coolooloosh live at Yaarot Menashe Festival, May 3rd 2013


yaarot menashe yuvi

Yuvi Gerstein and his Gibson Es-175

Yaarot menashe shiva1

Rebel Sun

Yaarot menashe shiva

The special thing about the show was the collaboration between Coolooloosh and Yossi Fine. Fine is an incredible bass player and producer who has influenced us heavily as a band. His African style of music is infectious and his new group ‘Yossi fine and the remix’ is sounding great on stage.

yossi fine

Yossi Fine and his amazing godin fretless bass


The remix band with a fan dancing on stage

We collaborated with them on a track called Ebae and Soul (Listen) which was originally a remix made by Ori Winokur, combining Cooloolooshs’ ‘mind and soul‘ and the ex-centric song ‘Ebae‘. The crowd at the festival was very supportive, dancing all the way and we felt it was a great come back for us as a band and celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, it was a good kick off. 


Leslie Phillips and Yuvi Gerstein – Dans tes bras (new song released)

A brand new song written by the duo Leslie Phillips and Yuvi Gerstein has been released today. The song entitled “Dans tes bras” (In your arms) is a soulful love song in French.

Phillips and Gerstein have been based in London in the past few years and writing music together and performing over the past year. The last collaboration was in summer 2012 at a large scale festival show in Jerusalem, Israel.

The song was recorded at Offtape studios in London, as part of as session in which three songs were recorded, to be released later this year. This video was directed by Cristina Picchi and the sound was mixed at rock of london studios by Yuvi Gerstein.


Cristina Picchi – Director/Camera

Eti Schechtman – Camera

Romain Kodechim – dop/clourist/photography

Ran Steiner (Offtape studios)- recording engineer

Oliver Jenewin – Video editing

Psalm Swarr Story is a beautiful album on bandcamp

“Psalm is the name of a girl, not a band.”  (Psalm myspace page)

psalm swarr story

Psalm Story album art

Psalm is a singer songwriter from the US, based in Israel. The album entitled STORY, is her second studio album and was released on 25 November 2010. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find it online. It has been up on her bandcamp page for quite a while now.

Here is News for us all

The album was produced by Ori Winokur and I had the honor of playing acoustic guitars on it. We recorded it back in 2009 at Haogen studios in Israel. It was a fun session, I remember playing through the whole album in about two sessions. Psalm songs are beautiful, captivating stories (as the title suggests), memories and quite soft ballads. She has a great voice and her sister accompanies on backing vocals to completes the picture. My favorite songs are There I go again and Songs of angels. Some beautiful cello arrangements were played by the wonderful Hadas Kleinman. I think it’s a great album with subtle beauty and I wish it would get more exposure and reach more people. It’s hard to do that with the overflow of music, which is all competing for our attention these days but do give this one a good listen. This jewel is worth it. Listen to the whole album here, and you could also buy it and support the artist directly.

Outside In


8bit Overground is a new track inpired by nintendo sounds

Inspired by the sounds of the old Nintendo console, which I remember playing quite a bit in the late 80′s, I made this new track called 8Bit Overground. The track was made using a cool free Ableton pack made by AfroDJmac and released on his website a few weeks ago.

For the beat, I used what I call a “Yogi Loop”. That means a loop recorded by Coolooloosh’s amazing drummer Yogev Shetrit. He has his own studio and records ideas and loops straight to his iphone 4. They sound surprisingly well and compressed by the iphone in a very pleasing way. Almost like those old rare groove samples. Another trick I used to give the track some rhythmic variation is an Ableton effect which I call the “on off Panner”. It basically uses the trusted auto pan but with very harsh settings that make it effectively an on off effect. This gives a lot of rhythmic variations and I used it on the bass lines as well as the leads. I also used that effect on guitars, which I recorded for the track. They play around between the left and right of the stereo image. Finally I used a little sample I recorded my self on the London overground train. That’s why it’s called 8bit overground.



Visit my soundcloud for more original tracks and remixes.

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