Sponj is an electronic duo by Yuvi Gerstein and Tom Iddan AKA Tito the Wize

sponj band logo yuvi gerstein tom iddanSponj is a new electronic duo, who recently dropped their first album and received praise form critics around the world.

The album, simply entitled Sponj, was featured on iTunes as part of the 10 Album you must here in August 2017.

They’re style is a heavy sample based mixture, with some middle eastern influences, sampled vocals and catchy melodies.

The album was recorded at the slick studios in Florentin, Tel Aviv, and was co written, mixed and mastered by the duo Yuvi Gerstein and Tom Iddan (Echo and Tito).

The album cover is an illustration by Dekel Hevroni, who has also created artwork for many band’s including Yuvi Gerstien’s Coolooloosh, back in the 2000’s.

They recently started performing live as well (Photos by Tsofit Barabi). Their live show involves live electronics, keyboards and various controllers, and an electric guitar played by Gerstein. They are expected to perform live in the coming year and aspire to become an integral part of the music scene in Tel Aviv.


Sponj band live at kuli alma

photo by Tsofit Barabi

Sponj band live at kuli almaSponj band live at kuli alma










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