The safer Seder goes viral

“The Safer Seder” video went viral with 100K views within 24 hours. It now has approx. 380K views and was just released to Youtube today.

I was lucky to work on this funny short video produced by Zeek film factory for the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

The video is a take off on the airplane’s safety announcement we all know (and hate?) and refers to the Seder traditions in a fun fresh way.

My work included all sound post production, voice over recording and editing and mixing the final video. I use Ableton live to do the effects and mixing, and Pro Tools 11 to record voice over.  Pro tools is easier when it comes to recording multi takes of a voice over. Ableton is incredibly flexible with FX editing and it’s my main DAW of choice.

The intention is to raise awareness and encourage Jews around the world to have a Seder of their own. For more information visit


The safer Seder

The Safer Seder on Facebook.


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