Post Post art installation by Yuvi Gerstein and Shuli Oded

Post Post installation is an interactive project in which the public can play music and light up the entire historic postal building in Jerusalem.



Post Post installation by Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli Oded

Post Post installation by Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli Oded


How did it come about?

I had this idea for a long time, of physical objects, which could be used to produce music.

I teamed up with Shuli Oded, a creative mind who works with sound and lighting for the past twenty years or so. We developed the idea of objects, that will react to tapping/drumming by the public and Shuli suggested

we visit his friend who has dismounted approximately 200 mailboxes around Israel, as part of the postal service changes. I guess people don’t use those boxes as much as they used to.

We chose five mailboxes and painted them in different colors. Next, we used a special sensor called Mogees, made by a company called mogees in the UK. The sensor can detect the people’s taps on the mailbox and translate them into a midi output, which I used

in order to turn the tapping into music.  Oded was in charge of the light element and together we decided to use the midi notes we received from the mogees as inputs for a lighting system that will light up the building in real time.

Construction and programming

We worked with team and installed LED spotlights and strips on the postal building. This took a few full days of work. In the lower part of the building there are five beautiful arches. We used LEDs strips to light them up.

I programmed the mogees sensors inside the mailboxes to give me a midi note for each tap. Each mailbox produced a midi note, which I used in an Ableton Live instrument rack.  The midi notes trigger sounds in various scales, which I chose in advance, but the actual notes being produced change randomly, so it becomes more musically compelling.  The midi notes coming from the sensors are then sent to a second computer, in charge of the DMX lighting system. The midi notes are sent to the lights on the building using a wireless DMX transmitter.


The opening night was scheduled for the “Jerusalem light festival 2016”, taking place all around the old city of Jerusalem and outside in the center of the modern city as well. The responses of the public were of curiosity at the beginning and then joy when they realized they can actually control the music and the lights on the entire building. That feeling of control of the building is something very powerful, especially for people who just happened to walk by and are not expecting this type of control.

The Future

Our goal is to install this project in many cities around the world and allow people all over the world to “play buildings” and enjoy their urban surroundings, as if it were a playground.

Project credits

Created by Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli Oded

Light programming – Ofer Brum

Additional programming – Ronen Peri

Lights and electricity – Ashraf Kawasmi

Video and editing – Dan Balilty

With many thanks to

EDEN the Jerusalem center development company

The Jerusalem municipality

Post authority of Israel

The post hostel Jerusalem for their great support

Eshed Ohana – for the amazing product

Ido Levit – EDEN company

Dani Aharoni –

Eli Levy – Beit Shmuel

Jerusalem Light Festival 2016

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Post Post installation by Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli OdedPost Post installation by Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli OdedPost Post installation by Yuvi Gerstein & Shuli Oded


















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