The electric guitar is my main instrument, but nowadays I find the recording studio to be the most exciting instrument in making my music.

Whatever music I make, it must have a groove. I’m influenced by soul, jazz and hip hop but also middle eastern and balkan sounds. I produce remixes for other artists and love collaborating with singers and writers.

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Coolooloosh is one of the best live hip hop-groove acts to emerge from Israel. I was one of its founding members as a guitarist and vocalist. The band was active between 2004-2014, released two studio albums, a few live bootlegs and has toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The debut album was simply entitled Coolooloosh and was mostly instrumental with a few songs featuring rapper Rebel Sun. Their most critically acclaimed record is called Elements Of Sound. Produced in 2008 by David Ivory in Philadelphia, PA, the band toured the album for a few years and received rave reviews for it’s sound and high production value.

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