Guitar samples by Yuvi Gerstein – Jazzy quirky guitars -Free pack

Yuvi Gerstein

Yuvi Gerstein with his Gibson ES-175, taken from Calgary Folk Festival 2009.

A new guitar sample pack teaser made by Yuvi Gerstein. The pack includes Jazzy, funky and arpeggio guitar samples in all sorts of sounds and tempos, neatly organized into one pack. The pack was featured on many blogs and websites around the world.

All samples were recorded using a Gibson ES-175, A Fender Stratocaster 1978, TC Electronic Nova System Effects processor and Pro Tools 10.

** All samples are 88.2Khz, 24Bit, .WAVs.  

*** Download the pack for free here: Yuvi Gerstein Guitar Samples ***


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  • Ola! Yuvalgerstein,
    On a similar note,, Well i’m trying to make a song but i don’t have an acoustic guitar to go with the beat, so i was wondering does any of you know any web sites to get some real good ones???Something like Rihanna’s Good girl gone bad song,or beyonce’s irreplaceble,or chris brown’s with you? Something strummend on the guitar?know what i mean????please help!!!!Thank’s
    I look forward to your next post

  • Ola! Yuvalgerstein,
    Neat Post, the black eyed peas use a guitar sample in the song pump it in the begining of the song anyone know the original artist
    Keep up the good work

  • Dear Yuvalgerstein,
    On a similar note,, Are you a music producer or beat maker into making various hip hop instrumentals, rap beats, or other types of instrumentals?  Have you ever come across the term “soundfont” or the file “.sf2”?  Have you ever wondered what they were, or how they were used?  Or did you bypass them when making hip hop beats in hopes of finding WAV audio files for your production needs instead?  Ever wonder if those soundfonts you passed by would’ve been helpful in making beats or instrumentals?
    Good Job!

  • Leprêtre

    Bonjour, j’ai un blog de poésies philosophiques où j’aime rajouter les liens qui me semblent prometteurs. Me donnez-vous l’autorisation d’en rajouter un de vous avec vidéo éloquente ?

  • Leprêtre

    C’est peu-être moi qui suis bête mais le formulaire déforme plein tube ce qui a été écrit. Bon décodage.

  • YuvalGerstein

    Bonjour, Je suis pas sur que est ce que vous voulez faire exactement. S’il vous plaît envoyé moi un email –

  • Avi Lev

    Liked it before and still do!!!
    The German people do not know you yet. next tour will be even better!!!!
    Do Good, Greetings, Avi

  • online beat mixer

    Dear Yuvalgerstein,
    Neat Post Currently technological know-how has managed to make it very easy to create new music than before. Newbies also can develop startling music on the internet making use of world wide web centered music producers. It really is not essential any longer to produce tunes from scratch. In truth many of the greater on the web beat generators have databases of a huge number of beats and effects for a person to select from. It really is your decision to select chords, kicks and numerous other music effects from the large variety of sounds.

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