GRIDI largest midi sequencer new version premiere

GRIDI the world's largest midi sequencer

GRIDI, arguably, the largest physical midi sequencer in the world, was created by Yuvi Gerstein in 2015. Its debut was at the Israel Museum at an event called Contact Point. After the success of the first event, many more events followed, including conferences, festivals, events and even a TV show in Spain, where Gerstein demonstrated GRIDI to the Spanish viewers and to Hugh Grant who was a guest on the show:

After the tour around Europe GRIDI was part of an ongoing exhibition at the National Science museum, Madatech in Israel, where it is enjoyed by thousands of kids every day, especially during the summer vacation and holidays.

After many months of planing and development, Yuvi Gerstein finally finished producing a new version, which has many new features,

on board control for easy access to different sound banks, colors, tempo and volume. The unit is made of a new light material, and the electronics under the hood has been completely redone.

I created GRIDI out of my passion for music and technology. My dream was to expose people of all backgrounds to the joy of making music in today’s technologically driven world. Music composition should not be a feat for the few, so my goal is to spread out the knowledge and demystify music making for everyone’s benefit. If you can place a few balls on a table, you can compose music.

Yuvi Gerstein, creator


The latest video here below, is a jam session on a new song Gerstein is working on with brilliant vocalist and long time friend, Ilana Lorraine.

The song title for now is “you’d be my lover” (working title). Here is a part of the jam:

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