GRIDI at Musenet conference for music technology innovation

Musenet is a conference mashup for music and technology. The conference was started by Yossi Vardi and attracts musicians, makers, scientists and families coming to enjoy a fun day of music and tech. I was was invited to exhibit my large scale midi sequencer GRIDI at the conference this year (2015).


It was interesting to see people interact with it and create music using it. Musicians tend to understand the concept quickly and try to make a beat similar to the way they would do it on their computer. Others work by listening to what each ball sounds like when placed on the GRIDI table. Kids tend to try a lot of different things at once, moving the balls and working more on the visual aspect, forming a slant line from side to side, filling in a whole row just because it looks nice, and generally enjoying moving the balls between the holes.



There were loads of interesting project at the conference this year. One of them was a full fledged telephone booth which was hacked by a talented team to become a musical game we all know as Simon. Another project by Yuval Kedem used air pressure to create a playable keyboard.

I was happy to take part in this project and I hope to collaborate with Musenet in the future. Read more about GRIDI


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