GRIDI at DLD Munich 2016

It is a great honour to be invited to exhibit GRIDI at the DLD 2016, in Munich.

DLD (Digital Life Design) is a three day conference, taking place in Munich, Germany, 17-19th January, 2016. It brings together some of the world’s most innovative companies and individuals, from Google to Uber and loads more. There are loads of panels, talks and mingling and I am so thrilled to be able to take part this year.

GRIDI will be exhibited at the main hall for the duration of the conference and the attendees will be able to compose music, learn the concept of digital music composition, and enjoy some cool beats while taking a break from the conference talks. I would be delighted to meet you there and chat if you’re attending DLD this year. My team and I will be there throughout the day so just look for the bright moving lights.

GRIDI flyer designed by Tomer Ronen



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