Namvula releases debut album


Namvula live in Paris

Namvula live in Paris

Namvula is a London based singer songwriter who has just released her debut album, produced by bass player/producer extraordinaire Liran Donin. I had the honor to be featured on guitar in the first track of the album. It’s a groovy song, with some African style guitars. Listen to ‘Yumya Moyo‘ 

From Namvula’s bandcamp:  ‘Zambian-Scottish singer and songwriter Namvula fuses the folk and urban traditions of her Zambian homeland with London’s eclectic music scene, blending African sounds and rhythms with Latin, jazz and folk into uplifting and emotive songs.’

Listen to the full album here:


Yuvi Gerstein and Leslie Phillips release spiders, a new acoustic groove song

I have been working with singer songwriter Leslie Phillips for a couple of years now. We have a great time writing together and performing our original songs. Here is a new song we recorded a while ago in London at Offtape studios. It’s entitled “Spiders“, enjoy!

If you like this song check out the first release, “Dans tes bras” right here.

John Locke is a new rap song by Yuvi Gerstein featuring Rebel Sun

The song released today was produced by Yuvi Gerstein at the slick studios in Tel Aviv. It features a heavy synth line, a cool drum break that sounds vintage but it’s newly made and some awesome rhymes from Rebel Sun (Coolooloosh). The track has been released on Gerstein’s soundcloud and is a free download for a limited time.

Remember who you are new song by Yuvi Gerstein featuring Priscilla Andersohn

A new song by Yuvi Gerstein featuring vocals by London based singer Priscilla Andersohn has been released. The song has a middle eastern, afro beat vibes with a great vocal performance by Andersohn. It was based on a drum loop by Yogi Shetrit of Coolooloosh.

It is available on all major platforms, Spotify, Itunes and

Remember who you are yuvi gerstein featuring Priscilla Andersohn - artwork

Remember who you are yuvi gerstein featuring Priscilla Andersohn – artwork


Listen to “Remember who you are” and follow Yuvi Gerstein on Soundcloud for more of his original music.


Two new instrumental tracks by Yuvi Gerstein

Two new tracks have been made by Yuvi Gerstein and released to Soundcloud in the past two weeks. The two tracks are instrumentals and were recorded and mixed by Gerstein at his studio.The first track is called African Resort and is inspired by african music, especially Ethiopian scales and style. 

The second track is called Sclater street, is a bit more cinematic, based on some lush piano chords. Sclater street –

Follow Yuvi Gerstein’s soundcloud account for more music updated frequently.

Psalm Swarr Story is a beautiful album on bandcamp

“Psalm is the name of a girl, not a band.”  (Psalm myspace page)

psalm swarr story

Psalm Story album art

Psalm is a singer songwriter from the US, based in Israel. The album entitled STORY, is her second studio album and was released on 25 November 2010. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find it online. It has been up on her bandcamp page for quite a while now.

Here is News for us all

The album was produced by Ori Winokur and I had the honor of playing acoustic guitars on it. We recorded it back in 2009 at Haogen studios in Israel. It was a fun session, I remember playing through the whole album in about two sessions. Psalm songs are beautiful, captivating stories (as the title suggests), memories and quite soft ballads. She has a great voice and her sister accompanies on backing vocals to completes the picture. My favorite songs are There I go again and Songs of angels. Some beautiful cello arrangements were played by the wonderful Hadas Kleinman. I think it’s a great album with subtle beauty and I wish it would get more exposure and reach more people. It’s hard to do that with the overflow of music, which is all competing for our attention these days but do give this one a good listen. This jewel is worth it. Listen to the whole album here, and you could also buy it and support the artist directly.

Outside In


Penniless Cove to release their second EP

Phoebe Osborne and Luca Nasciuti are the duo Penniless Cove. Osborne sings and plays piano and writes the songs and Luca plays Cello and melodica. They arrange the songs together and earlier this year we went into the studio and recorded their second EP, which is due to be released in the coming weeks. I had the pleasure of recording and mixing this EP and see it through. All recordings took place at Goldsmiths University studios in New Cross, London.

Penniless Cove

Penniless Cove

Here is TinBox

We recorded the vocals live with a grand piano at the same time , and I wrote about that process quite a bit here. The songs in this EP are short stories, ballads or just moments in life and when I hear them they always bring some sort of picture to mind. I think Osborne’s writing and piano playing is great and Luca’s cello just adds a great depth to the songs.

Here is String to your bow

I recently heard that the duo has since become a quartet and is playing gigs around London already. Catch them on their Facebook page for some updates. check out more of their music on their Soundcloud

Ableton Live 9, A new track based on Yuvi Gerstein guitar sample, Oded Kafri is the drum machine, new music recommendations

1. A few weeks ago I released a free sample pack of quirky jazzy guitar samples of my own creation. It was a lot of fun to make the pack and the attention it received around the web was great and quite surprising too. Now here comes a first track based on one of the samples from that free pack. The track called “It’s only entertainment” was produced by Roy Stoler and has just been released on his soundcloud. Have a listen -

2. German software company Ableton has finally announced the long awaited update to their incredibly popular software called LIVE. Live 9 comes after quite a few years of Live 8 being one of the most popular software for new musicians, DJs and instrumentalists. As an Ableton fan and a user of live since version 6, I’m excited about the new announcement and can’t wait to get my hands on the new version. Check out some new features of Live 9  –

and the new controller called “Push” which was also announced today.

3. The Drum Machine is a project (And a lifestyle :) created by the incredible drummer Oded Kafri. I have had the privilege to work with Kafri over the past year and see him develop his solo act using his Mapex drum kit and Ableton as his controller.

I produced a lot of tracks for him and an EP entitled “Street Life” and helped him promote his project on every aspect possible. In the past year he has also become a Youtube phenomenon with over 1.2m views of his crazy drumming videos. His latest promo film will be released in the next few days and posted here, but in the mean time here is one of his most popular videos (443K) playing a street session on Liverpool street in London.

4. A new discovery I made through the Guardian app on Spotify. It is the singer Martha Tilston, with a voice and melodies which remind me of Joni Mitchel and other 60’s folk artists. Her latest album entitled “Machines of love and grace” is up on Spotify and probably all of the other outlets out there on the web. I think she sounds great and enjoying her music, it’s old and new and fresh and is perfect for me at the moment.

Here is her song Stagg Bellow -

5. Oh and lastly, If you haven’t heard Yuvi Gerstein’s latest remix for Method Man as part of the RZA new film, The man with the iron fists,  check it out right here.Please press that LIKE button on Facebook.

A new track based on a drum loop recorded into an iphone

Here’s a new track based on a drum loop, and a little story about the process of making it below.

I love sound, I keep exploring it, learning more about it everyday, trying to achieve the best sound quality I possibly can with every project I do. Recently, I’ve been working with drummer Oded Kafri on his music, so I got to see, hear and produce a lot of drums. It has been a great learning experience.

Yuvi GersteinNowadays, a drum kit would usually be recorded with about 12-16 microphones (from cheap dynamic mics to the high end condensers) in any proper studio, and then, all those signals are combined to create the drum sound. But as Bob Power says on the great producer’s show Pensado’s place (Episode 58, 41 minutes in) :

“A drum kit wasn’t meant to be listened to with one ear right next to the snare, one ear right next to the hi-hat and one ear inside the kick. It was meant to be listened to from 10 feet away, that’s why mixing records is so difficult.”

Bob Power

Bob Power on Pensados Place

And so bearing that in mind, when I got this great drum loop sent to me by Coolooloosh drummer Yogi Shetrit, which he recorded to none other than his trusted iphone 4, I thought, well, maybe I shouldn’t obsess about drum sounds and just go with what sounds good. If an iphone captures a drum kit beautifully in a room and also adds some inherent built-in compression to it, then why not use that sound instead of trying to fit in 15 different drum signals. In any event, that was the attitude for creating this track which I have uploaded today to soundcloud.

It’s not a finished piece, and it was done very quickly, but it’s a perfect example of how easy it could be to create new music, when you let go of all the tech thoughts and just use what you’ve got. It took me about an hour to create this in Ableton live (so simple), so I hope you enjoy it and share too.

Just one last note, I’m not saying I don’t like hi-fi drum sounds..I love it, but I just think it couldn’t hurt to experiment and go with what your ear think is good, rather than what the magazines tell you is good.

A new track released in collaboration with SaBBo (Free download)

Take Dat! is a new track ( Free download), made at Musicland Studios in a collaboration between myself and Sabbo, who is a well known DJ and music producer from Tel Aviv. SaBBo visited the studio in January (2012) on his way to a gig in Amsterdam, and we basically had one afternoon to work on a totally new track. Since Musicland studios is known for it’s analogue warm sounding gear, we decided to go for a pure analogue mix that would not be possible to recreate but would give us a great sounding track in roughly four hours.



We made the track in Ableton live, which both SaBBo are quite comfortable using, and then we put everything out through the SSL-4000 desk, in separate channels. Then we used the Moog voyager to create the lead melody and used a Ableton’s own Autopan to create a gate for that melody, which we quite liked. The kick drum went through a channel on the SSL and also through a Pultec style outboard EQ, which gave it a lot of ooomph (!). After about two hours of building the track we had a rough idea of how it would sound. Then we concentrated on mixing it on the desk and making everything sound punchy but not distorted. Except for the second lead part, which comes in around 2:42 and was past through the lovely culture vulture, which gave it some much needed grit.

mini-moog voyager

mini-moog voyager - used to create the leads and the bass of Take Dat!

After four hours of work, we mixed down three versions of the mix and recorded it back to Ableton. I must admit I pushed for us to commit to the mix and not leave it for later, as so many producers do nowadays. It’s so easy to go back and change anything you do, go back to it again and again and never commit to a mix, or at least take weeks and month until you do. I think the advantage of the analogue world is that it forces you to commit to your mixes because going back and changing a mix is in most cases painstakingly difficult, or simply impossible, not to mention the superior sound quality the analogue world offers when it comes to mixing.

At Musicland studios

Sabbo at Musicland studios

It was a fun afternoon and I was happy to collaborate with one of the best Djs in Israel. feel free to download the track and share it with the world.