Fauzi by Yuvi Gerstein and Tito (free download)

A recent collaboration between producer Tito (known for his duo ‘Echo & Tito‘) and Yuvi Gerstein, has produced this new balkan/middle eastern groove track
called ‘Fauzi’.

Named after the famous little houmus spot in Florentin, Tel Aviv, where the two producers work. The track also features one of the up and coming DJs from Tel Aviv, Tunymator, who demonstrates his awesome scratching abilities and adds his flavor to the track.

The track is free to download on soundcloud and you can also find it on youtubeIMG_20150304_145033.

Oshrat Masala new Israelism album and new single produced by Yuvi Gerstein

In the past few months I have been working with a wonderful singer named Oshrat Masala. Masala is an Israeli singer of Ethiopian background and her songs beautifully melt her Israeli side with her Ethiopian heritage. I’ve had the pleasure of producing, playing most of the instruments and mixing her first single “So much noise” (Kama Raash), as well as producing her debut album, which is set to be recorded in April 2015. The wonderful Daniel Freedman played drums on this track. To support her efforts to put her music out there, you can buy the album in advance on her Headstart campaign page.

Oshrat Masala

Oshrat Masala

Here is her headstart campaign video (Hebrew) -

For more information on Oshrat Masala visit her facebook page.

New sample pack space guitars by Yuvi Gerstein to be released April 2015

Given the success of the first Space guitars sample pack, which received lots of attention in blogs and producer websites and thousands of downloads over the past year, Yuvi Gerstein announces a new space guitars sample pack, which will be released by a world famous sample company.The pack is set for release in April 2015. More details to follow soon.

Here is a taste of what it sounds like -


Namvula releases debut album


Namvula live in Paris

Namvula live in Paris

Namvula is a London based singer songwriter who has just released her debut album, produced by bass player/producer extraordinaire Liran Donin. I had the honor to be featured on guitar in the first track of the album. It’s a groovy song, with some African style guitars. Listen to ‘Yumya Moyo‘ 

From Namvula’s bandcamp:  ‘Zambian-Scottish singer and songwriter Namvula fuses the folk and urban traditions of her Zambian homeland with London’s eclectic music scene, blending African sounds and rhythms with Latin, jazz and folk into uplifting and emotive songs.’

Listen to the full album here:


Yuvi Gerstein and Leslie Phillips release spiders, a new acoustic groove song

I have been working with singer songwriter Leslie Phillips for a couple of years now. We have a great time writing together and performing our original songs. Here is a new song we recorded a while ago in London at Offtape studios. It’s entitled “Spiders“, enjoy!

If you like this song check out the first release, “Dans tes bras” right here.

Music by Yuvi Gerstein for an international advertisement starring Hernan Crespo

Hernan Crespo music by Yuvi Gerstein

Recently I worked on an international ad starring football legend Hernan Crespo of Argentina.  The ad is for a company called Eztrader who specialise in online stock trading. It is featured on their homepage as seen in the image above as well.

It was filmed in Tel Aviv and I composed the music, as well as the sound design and speech editing and mixing. The ad was produced in two versions and in three languages (English, Spanish and Italian) and was viewed by over 30K people up until now. Here is the English version:

Yuvi Gerstein covers M.ward Chinese Translation

M ward picture

M ward

M.ward is one of my favourite singer songwriters of our time. His gentle style of folk rock, his incredible guitar playing and his beautiful dark crispy voice (yes, it’s crispy). I had the opportunity to see him perform twice. The first time was in 2006 in Paris, France. It was an acoustic set which blew me away and turned me into his fan ever since. The second time was in London where he opened for the wonderful Feist. It wasn’t as good as the acoustic set, but it was still well worth it.

Tonight (June 25th 2014) M.ward is performing in Tel Aviv and as a tribute, I recorded a cover of his song “Chinese Translation”. A simple recording in my studio with no overdubs, just vocals and acoustic guitar together. Here goes;

The original song

John Locke is a new rap song by Yuvi Gerstein featuring Rebel Sun

The song released today was produced by Yuvi Gerstein at the slick studios in Tel Aviv. It features a heavy synth line, a cool drum break that sounds vintage but it’s newly made and some awesome rhymes from Rebel Sun (Coolooloosh). The track has been released on Gerstein’s soundcloud and is a free download for a limited time.

Remember who you are new song by Yuvi Gerstein featuring Priscilla Andersohn

A new song by Yuvi Gerstein featuring vocals by London based singer Priscilla Andersohn has been released. The song has a middle eastern, afro beat vibes with a great vocal performance by Andersohn. It was based on a drum loop by Yogi Shetrit of Coolooloosh.

It is available on all major platforms, Spotify, Itunes and

Remember who you are yuvi gerstein featuring Priscilla Andersohn - artwork

Remember who you are yuvi gerstein featuring Priscilla Andersohn – artwork


Listen to “Remember who you are” and follow Yuvi Gerstein on Soundcloud for more of his original music.


Vocal trio The Hazelnuts release their first EP

Luz EP
The Hazelnuts are a new vocal trio, singing swing jazz with wonderful vocal harmonies in the style of The Andrews sisters, the bosewell sister and the likes. Their emphasis on carefully crafted vocal arrangements is unique and quite rare to find these days.  Their first EP was recorded live at my studio (The Slick) in Tel Aviv. I had the pleasure of recording them on one evening in January 2014 and then mixed and mastered the songs at the studio.

The band, which consists of the three singers, a double bass and electric guitar, recorded in the live room performing the songs with no overdubs (Also quite rare these days). It includes two original songs written by Shira Z. Carmel, two swing cover songs and one special bonus cover of Beyonce’s “Single ladies”.

You can listen to the full EP and buy it here as well:

Check out this video from a live concert