Space Guitars sample pack by Yuvi Gerstein Vol.1

Space Echo RE-150

Space Echo RE-150

Space Guitars is a new sample pack written recorded and mixed by music producer Yuvi Gerstein at the slick studio. The pack contains original samples recorded using a classic vintage Roland space echo RE-150 and some really good guitars and mics.

Guitars used – Fender Telecaster USA, Gibson ES-175. Microphones used: AKG 414 pair Coles 4038 SM57 Amp – Fender Deluxe Space Echo recording Space Echo2 All samples are 88.2Khz 24bit .Wav It was a lot of fun to make this pack and it works great and especially easy in Ableton Live, just set the tempo and check out the samples. DOWNLOAD THE SPACE GUITARS SAMPLE PACK CLICK HERE   There is another free pack of guitar samples available – check out the Quirky Jazz free sample pack here. 

4 thoughts on “Space Guitars sample pack by Yuvi Gerstein Vol.1

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  2. היי אני מאור, מפיק צעיר – נותן שירותי הכוונה ויעוץ
    לומד שנה שלישית הפקה ברימון
    אשמח לקבל את הדגימות
    :) ובכללי לשמוע עוד עליך

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