The Audio Expert by Ethan Winer – A great read for musicians and music producers

I recently received “The Audio Expert – Everything you need to know about audio” by Ethan Winer for review. The book is published by Focal Press and has impressed me by its massive 652 page tour de force of everything that is audio and around audio.

The Audio expert-everything you need to know about audio by ethan winer

The Audio Expert- Everything you need to know about audio by Ethan Winer

The book is intended for intermediate to advanced level recording engineers, studio owners and audiophiles. It is by no means an “Audio for dummies” type of book, though the explanations in each chapter are incredibly straight forward and the feeling is that Winer is not trying to prove his knowledge by making things complicated like many other authors unfortunately do.On the other hand, the level of detail is great and by no means superficial. You could get some serious knowledge, tips and a much better understanding of audio matters including some myth busting and setting the record straight on a few important audio issues.

The book is well organized, starting with a simple definition of audio, going through some common myths that audio retailers love to use when trying to sell consumers expensive cables, and then goes into great detail about analog and digital recording processes, recording devices, mixing devices, effects, some basic synthesis, microphones, acoustics, electronics, computers and loads more.

Ethan Winer

Ethan Winer – Author of “The Audio Expert”

It is of course recommended to over each chapter, but is perfectly friendly when opened in the beginning middle or end and gives all the information an average user would need on every subject. It also has some online audio material, which is always great because listening to examples is the best way to understand the concepts explored.

If you’re looking for an audio companion for your home studio, or if you’re interested in understanding some audio concepts without all the mambo-jumbo that manufactures and sellers add to it because of their commercial interests, then this is the book for you. It certainly is the book for me.

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