Built For This – Method Man-Freddie Gibbs-StreetLife- Rare Groove remix by Yuvi Gerstein

 A brand new remix released today by Yuvi Gerstein is part of a remix competition on ProAudioStar. The producer and judge of the contest is RZA (Wu Tang clan) and it is held as part of his promotion for his new Kong-Fu style film “The man with the iron fists“, due to be released Nov. 2nd, 2012.

Here is the remix, which I call “Someone who wants to ill”-

Here is the original track Method Man / Freddie Gibbs / StreetLife “Built For This” [Man With The Iron Fists OST]

Some background about the approach to the remix

The remix is for the song “Built for this” by Method Man, featuring Freddie Gibbs and Street Life. The original song is a rather slow tempo (about 80 BPM) heavy Hip Hop groove track. I listened to some of the remixes on the contest page and thought, well, I must do something different with it. It doesn’t add much if you just replace the drums and change some of the breaks. So I started experimenting with the tempo. I sped the stems up to a pretty drastic 120BPM and used a drum loop I recorded of my good friend and wonderful drummer Yogev Shetrit. Yogi’s groove fit the mood I was looking for and gave it a nice “old sampled drums” feel to it. The I used the stems in their sped up form and they sounded very funky, especially the bass and guitars. They keyboard I left as is and it gives that open feel. I had to lose one of the rap verses because it was partially sang in double time which made the sped up version go even faster and felt unnatural at a lot of points. I also used some of the drums from the original track and cut out the sentence from the top which goes “Someone who wants to kill”, Only I changed it into “Someone who wants to ill”, by cutting the K off the “kill” word.

I used only Ableton Live for this remix and some plugins to add the spark to it.

If you like the remix please go to the contest page and vote for it. It would mean a lot to me to get your support on this. It’s easy to vote if you just log in through facebook.

And finally judging by the trailer and the fact that Quintin Tarantino is involved, this film looks very interesting. Can’t wait for the release. Check it out –

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