Producing a huge outdoor show at The Jerusalem Theater end of summer festival

Over the past few month I have been working on a musical production for a Festival taking place at the Jerusalem Theater, which is one of the best venues for culture in Jerusalem, Israel.

I was introduced by a mutual friend to a wonderful French soul singer named Leslie Phillips in London last year. We started working on writing and performing music and recorded a few songs together. Phillips has a deep but sweet voice and could sing anything from Soul to Jazz, funk and back. One of the songs we recorded was a cover to the song “Babe, I’m gonna leave you”, which was made famous by Joan Baez and Led Zeppelin. The song was originally recorded in 2009 by my band Coolooloosh and was waiting for the perfect vocalist to make it shine. Phillips was just the right voice for it. Here is the song which was released today:

The concert is scheduled for Thursday August 23rd, 2012, at the Jerusalem Theater. I am acting as musical director for the show and it would feature Phillips, Coolooloosh and myself. It is a part of a large scale festival called “End of the summer”, which takes place between 21-23 of August. The show is scheduled to be the highlight of the festival and is receiving massive exposure in the media both online and off. The songs would be a mixture of originals and classic soul songs, with some special arrangements, which I’ve been writing in the past few months. Here is the poster for the show –

Leslie Phillips and Coolooloosh

Jerusalem Theater brochure

And here is Coolooloosh’s bass player Ori Winokur standing next to one of the large posters covering Jerusalem these days

Coolooloosh and Leslie Phillips

Coolooloosh and Leslie Phillips

Tickets to the concert are for sale through the Jerusalem theater on this link (Hebrew).

Musicians participating in the show are:

Leslie Phillips – Vocals, Rebel Sun – Rap , Yuvi Gerstein – Guitars and Vocals, Ori Winokur – Bass, Yogev Shitrit – Drums, Ofer Peled – Saxophones, Arad Yeini – Trumpet, Sangit – Percussion, Omer Rizi – Keyboard.

For more info please visit the Coolooloosh official website

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