Pro tools 10 announced today by Avid

Do I need it? probably not.

Do I want it? Probably…yeah.

Huge Companies like apple and the likes have a way of planning obsolescence. This means that when that they launch a new product that makes you chuck the one you have in the trash even though it still works perfectly.

Last month I bought pro tools 9 and felt I was the most updated guy in the music business. I even got a new ilok 2. Today my pro tools 9 already seems old and saggy..Avid announced the release of pro tools 10Improvements include –

  • Speed up editing and mixing with Clip Gain, and easily adjust and match gain levels, pre-mixer (watch the video)
  • Use multiple audio formats in a session—including interleave—without file duplication
  • Record and master higher resolution sound with more headroom in 32-bit floating-point format
  • Get great responsiveness on slower hard drives with the enhanced disk handler
  • Record in low-latency mode, with direct monitoring when using third-party audio interfaces
  • Get the sound of System 5 console EQ and dynamics with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in

I guess i’ll take my time before upgrading again but it’s actually nice to know that they keep coming up with new updates and that pro tools is still the industry standard.


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