Israeli Music in English..Uzi Ramirez, Yael Kraus,Umlala, BBB and many more!

Israeli music in English is a secret known to few outside the country. Here are some recommendations of some great Israeli musicians making international professional sounding music based in Israel.

Some of them are my close friends and some just make music that I like. All of them show that prejudice about a certain place could lead you to miss a lot of good culture. When you think about Israel next time try to forget the depressing news for a minute and connect to some cool music.

1. Uzi Ramirez

One of the busiest and best guitar players out there. He’s been rockin’ out with Ramirez brothers, Boom pam, Karolina, Kutiman and many others. You can buy Uzi Ramirez‘s solo album right here.

2. Balkan Beat Box

One of the biggest Balkan style acts in the world today. These guys are all super talented and their shows are an energy bomb into your ears. Let by Tamir Muskat the wonderful drummer producer, These guys are an inspiration for me in my own music. I just have to say they are much better live than in albums so catch their next show when they come to a town near you.

3. Yael Kraus

A soulful singer with a great voice and interesting emotional songs. Her debut album “Boutique” was released last year and with clever arrangements by her producer Daniel Koren. I love this album and I also had the privilege of remixing one of her songs from the album called “Mistake”; Yael Kraus-Mistake(UVRay Remix) by Yuvi Gerstein

4.  Umlala

Young pop-rock group with lots of energy, funny sarcastic lyrics and interesting arrangements. Their new album is about to be released and I recommend going to their myspace and listening to some more. I think they should come to London, they could really make it here.

5. Izabo –

One of the more unique sounding bands to come out of Israel. Izabo led by Ran Shem Tov has such a vibrant blend of classic rock with middle eastern sounds and 70’s psychedelia, you just can’t help but move to their music. Their Drummer and Bassist are amongst the top musicians active in Israel today and the mega cool keyboardist Shiri brings adds the female touch to the group. Above is their latest single “Summer shade”. You can Follow IZABO on: , ,

6. Acollective –

Acollective are a super group of great musicians who were involved in different projects over the years and decided to join forces and form a band together that would merge their talents. Their debut album was Produced by Christopher Shaw, who produced Bob Dylan as well as many others. The song “A better man” has the best bass line I’ve heard in the past few years and the video is also quite beautiful. Look out for this band and support them by buying their album on their bandcamp.

There are plenty more bands in Israel  that make wonderful music in English and do not particularly have a political agenda or make another statement other than their musical one. However, I think they do play an important role ( weather they like it or not) in representing Israel and it’s various sides and shows some of the more sane cultural phenomenons that one can find in that hot and crazy part of the world.


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