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Posted by Yuvi Gerstein Music on Friday, 25 September 2015

GRIDI tutorial and feature on Cycling 74′ projects website

GRIDI is a large scale midi sequencer created by Yuvi Gerstein. It has been featured on makers website and now also on Cycling 74′ projects website (makers of Max MSP software).

Now you can see how GRIDI works, watch Yuvi create a track using it in this tutorial;


Feature on Cycling 74 website: 

screen shot of  GRIDI featured on Cycling 74

GRIDI featured on Cycling 74

Arduino makers website features GRIDI project by Yuvi Gerstein

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno

The physical midi sequencer GRIDI, is getting more media attention and today (Friday 28th August 2015) it was featured on Arduino’s makers website. Arduino is a micro controller made by an Italian company and has been used to control the communication between the computer side and the physical side of GRIDI. The makers website features an interesting project every two weeks. There is also an interview where I explain about the project and a video which shows how it works.  Click on the image to read more.

Gridi featured on

Gridi featured on

GRIDI – Large scale midi sequencer for everyone to compose music

GRIDI was exhibited on August 6th 2015 at Contact Point (The Israel museum). The event theme was to have artists of all disciplines react to the artwork in the museum and invite the general public to experience it. I chose to interact with the spots painting by Damien Hirst. Being a musician and producer, I set out to create a large scale midi sequencer, which would be clean, simple and easy to use. The idea was to let people with little to no background in music, a chance to compose a track together.



contact point 2015- Barak Aharon-63

contact point 2015- Barak Aharon-63

contact point 2015- Barak Aharon-86

contact point 2015- Barak Aharon

After a few months of hard work and a brilliant team who worked day in and day out, the project was finally realised and was a success. People were standing in line to have a go at GRIDI and we had to let some people down when we closed the exhibition around 2am that night.

GRIDI - Photo by Guy Prives

GRIDI – Photo by Guy Prives

GRIDI - Photo by Guy Prives

GRIDI – Photo by Guy Prives 

GRIDI - Photo by Guy Prives

GRIDI – Photo by Guy Prives

Read more about the concept behind GRIDI. 

For inquiries please contact:

GRIDI – Large scale midi sequencer by Yuvi Gerstein

GRIDI by Yuvi Gerstein

Gridi – a large scale physical midi sequencer


This project is a realisation of an idea I had in my head for a while now. I wanted to create a method for people who are mainly non musicians to compose music in an intuitive physical way. At the Israeli museum I saw the large scale spots painting by British artist Damien Hurst. There are hundreds of copies of this work, but the Israel museum has one of the largest ones.

Damian Hurst spot painting  at the Israel Museum

Damian Hurst spot painting at the Israel Museum

I was coming out of a meeting regarding an art event called contact point, as part of the Jerusalem season of culture. This event invites artists of all types to make their own art in relation to the art displayed in the museum. The impressive spots piece by hurst inspired me to create a spots grid of my own, but with the capability to create music as well and allow people to explore it freely.The name GRIDI is a combination of MIDI+GRID, which sums up the meaning of this project.

What is GIRDI?

GRIDI is a large scale midi sequencer (total size 2.68 X 1.64 meters), which emulates the way modern musicians make music using midi in their DAWs (digital audio workstation). If you want to know what is midi click here.

Music Composition techniques 

As more and more people are making music with laptops, becoming beat makers, or bedroom music producers. Mainly due to the fact that music software is incredibly affordable and rather easy to use. To write a beat or a melody, the go to method for producers who don’t necessarily play an instrument, is to write it as midi information on a grid.

The input could be done via a midi keyboard connected to the computer, or by clicking with the mouse inside the grid, creating blocks that will play each time the grid plays through. Here is an example from Ableton live, one of the most popular DAWs out there:

midi image-ableton live

midi image-ableton live

This simple way of creating music is so popular with producers today that it becomes second nature and is used often for every track and for loads of different instruments. The midi information is just a command for the computer to play a certain note at a certain time. Once you press play, there midi clip starts playing from left to right and whenever there is a note (in red) the computer will play it. The sound could be assigned to anything basically. It could be a piano, drums, synthesiser or anything else you can think of.

midi image-ableton live2

Ableton Live – midi clip 


The project attempt to emulate this simple composition process in a large scale physical medium. Making music with  GRIDI is rather simple. You place provided transparent balls at different spots on the grid and that way start to form the music. You have an option to create drum patterns, a melody and a bass line as well. With a 16X16 grid I had to divide the melody, drum kit and bass into something that makes sense. I decided to allow 7 rows for the melody, 5 rows for drum sounds and the remaining 4 rows for bass. Here is a sketch of the basic idea –

 GRIDI idea sketch by Yuvi Gerstein

GRIDI idea sketch by Yuvi Gerstein


The visitors will be able to use the balls and create their own compositions. Due to the size of this grid, they will also have to co operate with other visitors and compose together while listening to each other and making music that makes sense together.






Tech stuff


GRIDI is made out of four cutout wooden plates, carefully cut by a CNC machine. Inside the plates there is a total of 256 holes, which represent a 16X16 grid. Inside each hole there is a led light and a button.


The project works using a couple of Arduino micro controllers, going into a macbook pro running Arduino software and Ableton live 9, with a custom max for live patch to receive the input form the grid and control the LEDs. There is also an iPad running (the awesome) touchable 3 app, used to change the sounds of the drum kits, instruments and add effects as well. I will be controlling touchable while visitors compose the music using GRIDI. In the future, I will probably add some features, a midi controller for people to control certain elements of the music, add effects on their own and more.

Arduino controlling GRIDI by Yuvi Gerstein

Arduino, used to control GRIDI


The project is still being produced, more videos will be posted as soon as possible.

GRIDI will be premiered at the event on August 6th 2015 at the Israel museum in Jerusalem. visit their website for more info.


Many thanks to the amazing team working on this project; Michael Zeron – Electronics, coding and tech support. Ronen Peri – max for live and tech support. Nadav Vainer – Designer. Also thanks to Omer K acoustic design for the technical support along the way.


Composer showreel Yuvi Gerstein

A composer showreel features the music written for picture. In this case, the films and ads are just as diverse as the music. Yuvi Gerstein has been composing music for animation, short films and ads for the past few years. Here is his latest work (for bookings write to:

Credits for the films in the order in which they appear;
Neve Tzedek Florentin
Original Music & Sound Design | Yuvi Gerstein
Soul Royale Collaboration with OPEN for Boulevard-Terra Group
Branding & Script| OPEN
Video Production & Animation | Soul Royale
Full video
Open – Total Brand Experience
Original Music & Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein
Full Video

KKR season’s greetings 2013
Original Music & Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein
Full video – 
Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein
Soul Royale and Open
Full video – 
Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein
Full video –

Footage licensed by Envato
Original music & Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein
Original music & Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein
Soul Royale & Open
Full video
Original Music & Sound Design – Yuvi Gerstein

Electric Space Guitars by Yuvi Gerstein loopmasters tutorial

The electric space guitars sample pack was released just a few days ago by the awesome Loopmasters label. I had a lot of fun creating this pack and so I made a tutorial to show what’s inside it and how to make the best use of it, including an example track as well.

For more information and a free demo of the pack, simply visit here. 

Loopmasters presents electric space guitars by yuvi gerstein


Electric Space Guitars by Yuvi Gerstein released by loopmasters

Loopmasters electric space guitars by Yuvi Gerstein.

Loopmasters is one of the biggest royalty free sample pack providers in the world today. This week they released a brand new guitar sample pack made by Yuvi Gerstein. The pack entitled Electric Space Guitars, includes 2.16Gb of guitar loops, meticulously recorded at Gerstein’s studio in Tel Aviv. Here a demo track here.

Electric Space Guitars by Yuvi Gerstein released by loopmasters

The samples provide great inspiration to create music based on musically appealing guitar loops, and on top of that, there is a dry and wet version of the same loops. This means, you can mix a dry guitar sample with the wet sample (wet being processed through vintage effects such as Space echo, dynacord and others) to get incredibly live results as you please.


 In Detail expect to find 2.16Gb of 24Bit 44.1Khz loops with 143 Dry Guitar Loops, 142 Spaced Guitar Loops, 79 Room Guitar Loops and 138 Fully Mixed Guitar Loops and 385 Rex2 Files. The Collection can also be purchased in Apple Loop format for Logic Pro/X users.


I am delighted to have my samples released by such a great company. After the successful release of “Space Guitars” free sample pack, which received a lot of attention from blogs around the world,  this time it is a proper release and hopefully will reach even more music producers out there who are searching for new avenues of creativity. A video tutorial for the pack will be ready in the next few days and will be posted here on the blog.

Get a taster pack you can use free here.

Fauzi by Yuvi Gerstein and Tito (free download)

A recent collaboration between producer Tito (known for his duo ‘Echo & Tito‘) and Yuvi Gerstein, has produced this new balkan/middle eastern groove track
called ‘Fauzi’.

Named after the famous little houmus spot in Florentin, Tel Aviv, where the two producers work. The track also features one of the up and coming DJs from Tel Aviv, Tunymator, who demonstrates his awesome scratching abilities and adds his flavor to the track.

The track is free to download on soundcloud and you can also find it on youtubeIMG_20150304_145033.

Oshrat Masala new Israelism album and new single produced by Yuvi Gerstein

In the past few months I have been working with a wonderful singer named Oshrat Masala. Masala is an Israeli singer of Ethiopian background and her songs beautifully melt her Israeli side with her Ethiopian heritage. I’ve had the pleasure of producing, playing most of the instruments and mixing her first single “So much noise” (Kama Raash), as well as producing her debut album, which is set to be recorded in April 2015. The wonderful Daniel Freedman played drums on this track. To support her efforts to put her music out there, you can buy the album in advance on her Headstart campaign page.

Oshrat Masala

Oshrat Masala

Here is her headstart campaign video (Hebrew) –

For more information on Oshrat Masala visit her facebook page.